May 29, 2023


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The United States is beset with problems which can not be remedied through the practices and policies of our two major political parties: the Democrats and Republicans. Both of these parties are responsible for our national decline.

Only a drastic change can give us a chance, as a nation to avert the total collapse of our financial and economic system. The future, if the present course continues spells disaster.
My candidacy for Congress in the House of Representatives will present a different approach to caring for our nation and its people. I propose an American Renaissance. The designation I run under is the American Renaissance Movement.

My platform will recognize the Nation State as the fundamental social/political unit which guarantees our individual rights as United States citizens through our Constitution and Bill of Rights. No international bank, no transnational corporation, no international body of international agreements, no family dynasties shall take precedent over our national interest.

The United States' infrastructure, at one time, maintained the mightiest industrial/ manufacturing machine the world had ever seen. This tremendous asset for creating wealth, maintaining good jobs, a high standard of living, and tax ratables has been stripped away because of Congressional stupidity, ineptitude or complicity to render our economy, a specter of what it once was.

Simultaneously, Congress without voting upon it, has condoned an undeclared war in the Middle East, attacking Iraq and Afghanistan when neither the Bush administration nor, now the Obama administration, have produced any evidence of “weapons of mass destruction.”

This immoral action has caused the United States to lose respect throughout the world, and costs the American taxpayers billions of dollars everyday.

Besides ending the participation in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the United States must end its war in the Middle East. These imperialistic actions are not what the United States character is all about. Our government acts as if possessed by un-American sentiments and values.

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress on Christmas Eve. This act was in essence a coup de tat by the banking families against the United States citizens and the Constitution that protected them. What happened here is hardly recognized by the American people. The greatest power on earth which was owned by the people through the government;that is the power to create money and its value was given to the banks.

The United States now has debt is excess of $13 trillion dollars and interest payments annually to the Federal Reserve of $430 billion …just for interest on money we could have loaned ourselves without interest. Both President Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson warned Americans about the unscrupulous practices of the banks if left unchecked.

Abraham Lincoln borrowed $450 million during the Civil War from the United States Government to pay the Northern troops. He did not need the banks to serve as middlemen at high interest rates. He had the money printed by the United States government and used and repaid without interest. That we must pay banks interest for us to print our own money and have it loaned to ourselves is the greatest scam in our country’s history.

The Federal Reserve has never been audited. Yet the Federal Reserve is an extremely profitable consortium of private banks who own the stock in the Federal Reserve, which is now controlled by European interests. The United States citizens and its government can never be free as long as the power to create money and its value, vested to the people through its government by the Constitution remains in the control of the banking interests which are international interests opposed to a strong and free United States of America, and which use that power to create debt, wars, inflation and depression and which support trade agreements such as NAFTA and GATT and policies such as wars in the Middle East.

The balance of power in Congress was present for everyone to see recently when Congress awarded the banking interests $700 billion to pay in part, bonuses for their high priced executives and their ruinous and speculative practices while the automobile industry had to grovel for $40 billion to keep themselves afloat.

The Democrat and Republican parties are now controlled by these banking/financial interests who care not about the United States of America or its people.

It is time for the American Renaissance Movement.

David Meiswinkle For Congress